How to Change the Auto-Save Interval in Word 2013


The AutoRecovery feature of Microsoft Word 2013 automatically saves your document every 10 minutes by default. However, you can manually increase or decrease the interval with which Word can auto save the document.

Step 1) Click the FILE tab.


Step 2) Click Options in the menu list on the left.


Step 3) Click Save in the menu list on the left.


Step 4) In order to enable this feature make sure the “Save Auto Recover information every” check box is checked. You can change the number of minutes by typing new value or use up and down arrows to change the value as you desire.


Step 5) Click OK.

Important Notice:
  • This option can be applied to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as well. 
  • Keeping the number at the lower end (Example 1 or 2 minutes) gets annoying as Word tries to save your document every minute or so which can disrupt the work.
  • Do not use AutoSave and AutoRecover as a substitute for regularly saving your files by clicking save.

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