100 Free Gmail Invites

If you are still looking for a Gmail account then look no further. I am offering to sent 100 invitation to anyone on first come first serve basis.

Some things you should know about Gmail Service.

  • Gmail is the best email service out there offering over 2 gigabytes of storage (and growing).
  • Categorize email by labels (or sub-folder like).
  • Autoforwarding to another email address of choice.
  • Powerful spam filters.
  • POP access.
  • Powerful built-in search.
  • Save Drafts, just like in your desktop software.
  • Gmail interface is available in 40 languages

For more info on Gmail visit their website: CLICK ME

I have 100 free Google Gmail Invites. If anyone wants an invite, all you have to do is reply to this post and I will send you an invite! No strings attached!

Don't forger to Leave your first name, last name and an active email address for sending your invitation.
This service sent out 49 invites already! (As of November 24, 2006)

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Hello, World of Blogging!

Hello Everyone!

I have finally decided to start blogging seriously. I was blogging before but I wasn't serious about it but now things have changed. I really like the concept of blogging. Its a great way to get your thoughts and opinion out in the world. It is also a great way to help out in the world 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and occasionally become famous and actually make some money from it.

The influence of blogging is overall a very positive force in the media. Garrett M. Graff

My Goal:  To educate my readers

Blogging is a free flowing means and free to consume mode of educating your readers. Just like the bloggers write at their paces, the readers have the freedom to choose and learn the stuff that he/she wants. Hence, providing free education is the next most important benefit for me.

(This is not just about the literature in the form of blog posts, but includes the free consulting help that you give via email, twitter, IM etc)

I am also hoping to attract people from the other part of the spectrum to write comments and let me know what they think of the topics I am posting.

Wish me luck :)