How To Disable ‘Send Error Report to Microsoft’ Message

Today I will show you how to disable the annoying error reporting message that has plagued Microsoft Windows XP. Please follow the 5 simple steps below and get rid of this message forever from your computer.

Step 1: Right click on My computer and click Properties

Step 2: Click Advanced tab,

Step 3: Click Error Reporting button

Step 4: Choose Disable error reporting and also check But notify me when critical errors occur (Just for knowledge reason it is better to know when a critical error occured)

Step 5: Click OK button


How To Write Your name in System Tray

Now you can impress your friends with something very few people know. You can add your name to the right bottom corner of your computer window in Windows XP and personalize your task bar.

Follow few simple steps below and get started:

Step 1: Click Start and Control Panel