How To Change Author Name In Existing Office 2010 Document

Author Name in Office 2010

In my previous post I have shown you how you can change author name in Word 2010.

Today I will post another method which you can use to change author name in a existing office 2010 document. Just follow the simple steps given bellow:

Step 1: Click the File tab
Step 2: Select the Info tab


Step 3: In the right panel of window click on Properties and select Show Document Panel.


Step 4: Type a new name in the field followed by Author and Save the document.


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Anonymous said...

any suggestions on how to remove/edit the name of a reviewer (on tracked changes?)

Sohail A said...


1) On the Review tab, in the Tracking group, click the arrow next to Track Changes, and then click Change User Name.
2) Click Popular.
3) Under Personalize your copy of Office, change the name or initials that you want to use in your own comments


- The name and initials that you type are used by all Microsoft Office programs. Any changes that you make to these settings affect other Office programs.
- When you make a change to the name or initials that you want to use for your own comments, only comments that you make after the change are affected. Comments that are already in the document before you change the name or initials are not updated.

Anonymous said...

My students use Word 2010 and I have 2013. I want to know if there is a way that when Student B opens Student A's file and saves it in his/her folder it does not change the author. In other words, see who is cheating. Is there a way? It used to list the original author in the properties and then added those authors who opened the file.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Just what I needed. Thanks.

Subarna Akter said...
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