Reasons You Should Switch To Windows 7

Reason 1: Rearrange System Tray Icons

Looking for a way to rearrange taskbar icons or system tray icons? With Windows 7 you have the ability to rearrange taskbar icons without using any software. All you have to do is select the icon drag it to where you want to place it and drop the icon.

windws 7 drag 1 windows 7 drag 2

Reason 2: Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Softwares

Now you can create keyboard shortcuts for any softwares in Windows 7. All you have to do is right click the software icon and select properties. Select the shortcut tab and click in the shortcut key. Put the combination keys you want to set the keyboard shortcut for that software and you are all set.

windows 7 shotcut

Reason 3: Pin Any Software Used to the Taskbar

Open any software you want. Right click the icon on the task bar and select pin this program from taskbar.
windows 7 pin to taskbar

Reason 4: Customize the Power Button

With Windows 7 you have the ability to customize the power button so that when you click the button, it can Sleep, Restart, Log off, etc.
Step 1:Right-click on Start, select Properties
Step 2: Go to "Start Menu" tab and select the desired action from drop-down list in "Power button action" section

windoows 7 custom power button

Reason 5: View Expanded ‘Send To’ Menu

Press Shift when right-clicking on a folder to get an expanded 'Send To' menu with many more folders to choose from.

windoows 7 regular windoows 7 advance

Reason 6: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the mouse, you can drag and dock windows to either side of the screen, or drag it to the top to maximize it. These keyboard shortcuts are even faster:

  • Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow dock the window to the left and right side of the screen
  • Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow maximize and restore/minimize
  • Win+M minimizes everything
  • Alt+Up, Alt+Left Arrow, Alt+Right Arrow navigate to parent folder, or browse Back and Forward through folders in Explorer
  • Win+Home minimizes/restores all open windows except the active window
  • Alt+Win+# accesses the Jump List of program number ‘#’ on the taskbar

windoows 7 dock left
Example: Win+Left Arrow dock the window to the left side of the screen

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Anonymous said...

All this you can do in win xp no need to switch to win 7.
If you don't know how to do all this in win 7 let me know and i will tell you.

For send to, you open send to folder on your PC and add inside all that you need to " send to " and this is all.
The best way to find "Send to " folder is, to use Aida or Everest app ;)

Still the best OS is XP, win 7 is only update of Vista and is the same crapy system.

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