To remove all hyper-links from Word document that comes with copied text from website. There is a simple way to remove all hyper-links from word file.


Word 2013 comes with its own dictionary, with which it checks your spelling. You have the ability to keep on expanding the dictionary just as a person does to his/her vocabulary.

I wanted to add the word: 

throttlebottom (n.): a dishonest man who holds public office.

I wrote the word on to the page and saw the dreaded wavy red squiggle beneath it, added in typical critical schoolteacher style.

What is a template? Well, A template is a document type that creates a copy of itself when I open it.

For example, I use Fishbone Diagram document that is written in Word or Company Time Record document which is written in Excel quite often. Instead of creating the structure of the document from scratch, I can use the template with predefined page layout, fonts, margins, and styles etc. All I have to do is open the template and fill in the text and the information that is specific to my document. When I save the document as a .docx file, I save  document separately from the template on which it is based.

In order to save a file as a template just follow the simple steps provided below:

Example of a Word 2010 Template:

Fishbone Diagram / The Cause and Effect / Ishikawa Diagram 


In my previous two posts I have shown you how to restrict someone from opening the document in:
In this post I will show you another way you can restrict users from doing any type of editing and formating in a word document. The restrict editing feature is available only in Word and ExcelPleases follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Open a existing document in Microsoft Office Word 2010 and click the File Tab
Step 2: Choose the Info Tab

If you want to access all operating system's control under one roof on Windows 7, then GodMode is for you.

The folder will provide you with shortcuts to nearly anything you can possibly want to find on your computer, and serves as a great way to repair a computer or just click around and discover what Windows 7 is really capable of.

Step 1 & 2: Create a folder by right clicking on your desktop, select New and choose Folder option.


The Windows XP System Properties logo is often changed by the vendors to brand your computer with their own logo and support contact information in order to advertise their services.If you have bought your PC from a vendor, most likely you will see their logo and support information when you open the System Properties.
Now, with a few simple steps, you can easily brand your computer with your own logo and contact information.

To open system properties dialog
Step 1: Click the Start button
Step 2: Right-click "My Computer" 
Step 3: Select "Properties"