How to Add a Word to the Dictionary in Word 2013


Word 2013 comes with its own dictionary, with which it checks your spelling. You have the ability to keep on expanding the dictionary just as a person does to his/her vocabulary.

I wanted to add the word: 

throttlebottom (n.): a dishonest man who holds public office.

I wrote the word on to the page and saw the dreaded wavy red squiggle beneath it, added in typical critical schoolteacher style.
Step 1: To add a word to the Word 2013 dictionary, right click on it and select Add to Dictionary.

From this time forwards, Microsoft Word will finally understand what you mean and accept that word as being valid.

You can view the additional words you have supplied to the Word dictionary by clicking:

Step 1: Click File tab

Step 2: Click on Options


Step 3: Click on the button that says Proofing and click the Custom Dictionaries button (about halfway down).


There are two entries in our list, and the roaming custom dictionary is the one we want. Select that and then click Edit Word List.

The next window that opens displays all the new words you have added to the dictionary

The input box at the top allows you to search for a particular word in the list. Once you’ve found it, you can select it and then delete it, if you no longer require it. Alternatively, you can type a word into that input box and then click the Add button to add it to the dictionary. You don’t need to wait until you use it in your document and then right click on it like we saw before. This is handy if you have a few words you know you want to add to the dictionary.

You can also delete all additional word with the Delete all button.

Delete all button will delete all the words that have been added by you to the base dictionary, not all the words in the dictionary.

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