Searching with Google can be fun too sometimes, see what you end up with by searching with these following keywords. Here’s how these tricks work:
  1. Type in the keywords 
  2. Hit I’m feeling lucky 
  3. Observe the result 
  4. Reset back to, try the next keyword
Watch the video posted below OR try the keywords yourself:

List of tricks in the video:

1. Keyword: gothic google
Press: I’m feeling lucky

2. Keyword: google bsd
Press: I’m feeling lucky

Just like Firefox, Chrome provides access to some functions and settings hidden through a "about:" in its address bar.

1. about:version

Displays the version number of your browser, along with the Webkit and the v8 Javascript Engine version. The user agent used by Google Chrome is also listed.

2. about:dns

Google Chrome prefetches the DNS records for 10 frequently visited hostnames. This feature can be disabled in Options > Under the Hood by unchecking "Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance".

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