Google Chrome's Special about: Pages

Just like Firefox, Chrome provides access to some functions and settings hidden through a "about:" in its address bar.

1. about:version

Displays the version number of your browser, along with the Webkit and the v8 Javascript Engine version. The user agent used by Google Chrome is also listed.

2. about:dns

Google Chrome prefetches the DNS records for 10 frequently visited hostnames. This feature can be disabled in Options > Under the Hood by unchecking "Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance".

3. about:plugins

Displays a complete list of plugins available in Google Chrome like flash, RealPlayer etc.

4. about:cache

All the web pages you view via Chrome are cached in the memory. Chrome doesn’t have an option for you to set it’s cache size, but if you’re on an old computer, using few MBs of RAM, it is recommended to empty this cache, every once in a while.

5. about:memory

This function displays a list of all the memory which is being used by Chrome plus other browsers.

6. about:histograms

A list of histograms for Google Chrome's internal metrics.

7. about:terms

Google Chrome Terms of Service

8. about:credits

list of libraries and other code used in Chrome, with links.

9. about:crash

The page shown when a tab process crashes.

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