The UN Estimates that more then 1,500 people are dead as a result of the floods which have affected more than 3 million people, many already displaced by the bombing of the Swat Valley and surrounding areas. It is estimated that at least one-fifth of the country is still under water after three weeks of devastating flood and the situation is getting worst.

"God forbid but I think that in coming days the death toll might reach 3000," said Bilqis Edhi of the Edhi Foundation."
"All the major roads, bridges have been destroyed and so are the police stations, administration buildings, telephone exchange," Hoti said. "Thousands of houses have been razed to the ground by the storm and at least 1 million people have been homeless."Hoti told reporters during his visit to Nowshera.

Fifty-year-old Ajmair Shah went into shock after the floods destroyed his home in Nowshehra. He lay motionless in his hospital bed, staring into the air.

"My house was swept away by the flood, nothing is left there. I have lost everything," he said and started weeping.

People at the camp said there were no proper latrines or bathrooms and that the only respite from the crushing heat was plastic hand fans. Most of them fled in the clothes they were wearing and many children roamed around naked.

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