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Pakistanis have a long tradition of being enemy of themselves. If given a chance (which is also provided by the corruption) they would charge an arm and a leg for just a piece of bread. This becomes a bit problematic specially on special occasions like Eid ul-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha. As witnessed by the people on these occasion most of the people charge higher prices for commodities then the usual rate which is not only illegal but also ethically wrong. Shopkeepers including milk seller, butchers, bakers all are into the scam of illegally profiteering from their own people including TELENOR PAKISTAN. Wait a minute! You might be wondering why I included a telecommunication company and specially Telenor Pakistan into this? well, say no more.. Today I will show you proof that Telenor is not only carrying this awful tradition but they are proudly showing it off on their website!

Orignal Packages available:
SMS KI BHARMARTariffNo. Of SMSValidity Days
Bundle 1 (Weekly)Rs. 712007
Bundle 2Rs. 25350015
Bundle 3Rs. 50750030
Bundle 4 * (Daily SMS)Rs. 1.502001

On Eid:
"* In order to provide quality service to djuice subscribers on Eid Day, Daily SMS bundle subscriptions will not be available from 30th August to 2nd September’2011. Weekly SMS bundle will be revised to Rs 10 for 700 SMS. Regular subscriptions will resume from 3rd September’2011"

That 10 rupees is actually Rs.11.95 when you subscribe the package.

So as It goes no where in the world but in Pakistan I have seen a telecommunication company increasing its rate just to profit on special occasions.

Djuice Luto
You can view this on their website yourself before they remove it. CLICK ME.


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