How To Make Word 2010 Document Talk


Did you know that Microsoft Word 2010 can read your document aloud to you? I didn't until few weeks ago. Today I am going to tell you how to use that excellent Microsoft Word 2010 feature. Just follow the following simple steps:

Tip: The text is spoken using a very robotic sounding voice, but at least you can proof “read” your document with your eyes closed!

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Word 2010 document.

Step 2: Go to File Tab and select Options


Step 3: A dialog box will open. Select Quick Access Toolbar from opened dialog box.


Step 4: Select Commands Not in the Ribbon option from drop down menu under Choose Command From.


Step 5: Then scroll down in the box under drop down menu and select Speak option. Now click Add Button to add Speak option to Quick Access Toolbar at upper left corner of Microsoft Word 2010 document and in the end, click OK button to save the changes.


Step 6: Now you can see that Speak Button is added to Quick Access Toolbar at upper left corner of Microsoft Word 2010 document. Now all you have to do is to press the Speak button using any document to hand. Select the text that you want Word to read and then click the Speak button. Behold! Word reads the text to you.


When you click the Speak button, it changes into the Stop speaking selected text button


One draw back: when you stop the text speech using this button and then resume by clicking the button again, speech begins at the start of the text again – not where you stopped.


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westa wing said...

my "speak" only reads the document for two minutes.
How can I get it to read longer than two minutes.?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! your inclusion of the screen shots fixed my problem

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