How To Password Protect Word 2010 Document (Option 2)


In my last post I explained how to protect Microsoft Word 2010 document using in build password protection option.

How to Password Protect Word 2010 Document (Option 1).

Here is another way you can achieve the same thing in a different way. This way you can not only stop anyone from opening the document by restricting it with a password but also set a password protection so that the document can not be edited.

Step 1: Open Word 2010 document and click Save As.

new word to old format1
Step 2: Click the Tools menu in the lower-right corner of the window. Select General Options


Step 3: In this step you will have a pop up with three choices.
  1. In this choice you can put password so that the document cannot be open without putting in a password.
  2. In this choice you can put password so that you can restrict modifying the document.
  3. In this choice you can make this document as read only as shown, this way it can be read but cannot be edited.
When done click OK


Step 4: You will be given a pop up to retype password that you have put to open the document.


Step 5: You will again be given a pop up to retype the password you have put to modify the document.

And you done!

To Open Password Restricted Docments.

To open a password restricted document you will be given a pop up that looks something like this.


To edit a password restricted document you will be given a pop up that looks something like this.


If you have chosen to make your document read only then you will not be able to modify the document and it will have a status as you see below..


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