How To Display Current Date And Time In A PowerPoint 2010

Current Date And Time In A PowerPoint 2010
There is a simple way to add date and time to PowerPoint slides. To Show Date and Time on a Slide in PowerPoint 2010 follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint document and got to the View tab on the Ribbon.

Step 2: Choose the Normal view.


Step 3: Click on the Insert tab

Step 4: Click on the little Date and Time icon which gives you options to insert the current date and time into the PowerPoint document.


Step 5: Choose the date and time format from the drop-down. Selecting a fixed time acts as a marker that lets you know when the slide was created. It is obviously constant. The Update automatically selection displays a dynamic time that takes the current time from the system clock. The options are the same for the Notes and Handouts tab. (Preferably, don’t show the date and time on the title slide).


Step 6: Click Apply to All.


Tips: Remember: Each time you open or print the presentation, only then PowerPoint 2010 will update the time. PowerPoint does not continuously update automatically but only at the start of the slide show.
You can also add current date and time to the notes and handouts you print. Select the Notes and Handouts tab and follow the instructions.


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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to add a date & time stamp to a powerpoint presentation, but powerpoint is not applying my settings. Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'm having the opposite problem, I specifically uncheck the box, but the date time stamp still shows up on the slides.

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