How To Broadcast PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Live To A Remote Audience

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes a powerful feature to instantly broadcast your PowerPoint 2010 live to a remote viewer anywhere around the world over the internet for free. The presentation shared over the web can be seen even if the viewer does not have PowerPoint installed, all they would need a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

To broadcast a Presentation over web :

Step 1: Open the presentation you want to broadcast.
Step 2: Navigate to File click Save & Send  in the menu
Step 3: Select Broadcast Slide show from the Save & Send tab
Step 4: Click Broadcast Slide Show


Step 5: Click start broadcast button on the Broadcast slide show Window


PowerPoint 2010 will connect to PowerPoint broadcast service & generate a backend code for you to share with others, to allow them to view the presentation in their web browser.


After the broadcast is prepared a Windows with presentation link would be created . You can distribute this link to all remote audience with whom you wish to share the presentation.


Please read this sentence carefully and understand what it means. Click Start Slide Show button to start the presentation . Now play the presentation on your local computer in full screen mode and as you change slides locally, the same will happen on the screens of your remote audience hence the term "Live broadcast".
If you don't play the presentation in full screen mode and don't change the slides then nothing will happen to the screen of the remote viewer as well.

Another method:
Opening a PowerPoint in Office 2010.
Slide Show tab and click Broadcast Slide Show.


Tips : Anyone with the link to your slide show can view it!
Once you have started the broadcast of presentation , no changes can be made to it.



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Anonymous said...

good post .... thank you

Sohail said...

You should try this feature. It's really helpful.

Anonymous said...

I can't use the broadcast service as it gave me the following error message "Error starting broadcast"

Any idea how can I overcome this?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I can't use the broadcast service, either. I get an error message that says it can't connect to the broadcast service. If you can't advise on what to do then your web page here is worthless and you wasted my time.

Abhishek veersen said...

what do you mean by broadcast slideshow in powerpoint

Abhishek veersen said...

what do you mean by broadcast slideshow in powerpoint

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