powerpoint to internet

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 includes a powerful feature to instantly broadcast your PowerPoint 2010 live to a remote viewer anywhere around the world over the internet for free. The presentation shared over the web can be seen even if the viewer does not have PowerPoint installed, all they would need a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

To broadcast a Presentation over web :

Step 1: Open the presentation you want to broadcast.
Step 2: Navigate to File click Save & Send  in the menu
Step 3: Select Broadcast Slide show from the Save & Send tab
Step 4: Click Broadcast Slide Show


Microsoft Office 2010 has this amazing Built-In Screen Capture Tool through which screen shots of the currently open windows can be taken easily and attached in the document.

Taking Screenshots in Microsoft Office Word 2010 using inbuilt tool :

Step 1: Open a document in Microsoft Office Word 2010. Navigate to Insert tab
Step 2: Click on Screenshot button to take screenshot of active windows.

Tips: If you want to take a full snap of those active windows, then select the windows from the list.

"Easter Eggs (Definition) - A hidden message or feature in an application."

What is the square root of four?  The answer is two,

And what do you get if you subtract two from two? Zero, right?

Now let’s do the above calculation using the Windows calculator. Type in 4, take the square root and from the result subtract 2. What do you get now?

Step 1: In calculator press 4 
Step 2: Press the Sqrt button  and you will get 2 which is the right answer.


There is a telnet server out there broadcasting the whole Star Wars Episode IV in text. How amazing is that?


Anyone connected to the internet can watch it by simply following few simple steps bellow.



Now anyone can convert a PowerPoint presentations into a video with very ease. Just follow the easy steps bellow:

Step 1: After creating a presentation, select the File tab from the ribbon.
Step 2: In File tab select Save and Send
Step 3: Click on Create a Video.