Speed Up Your Mozilla Firefox Browser

I have been using Firefox for about a year now. Before I switched to Firefox I was using IE. I thought IE was the best internet browser because I was comfortable using it. I tried different browsers but they just didn't fit my needs. One day I was reading a blog and found out about Firefox. At first I didn't pay much attention to it but then when I started reading people's comments I just had to try it. Well since that day I have never looked back. I love my Firefox browser so much that today I thought why not share some information I know about Firefox to the world.

So here is a tut on how to speed up your Mozilla Firefox browser. (For DSL and Cables users only)

First of all your going to need Firefox browser. If you don't have it installed already then you can follow this link. CLICK ME

Open FireFox and on the address bar type "about:config" (without quotes) and hit enter.
Scroll down and look for the following entries: