Kids Sites with KidRex

A good news for all the parents out there. Don't waste hours looking through websites trying to find the ones that are kid-friendly. Today I came across a search engine just for kids called KidRex While no filter is 100% accurate, this is a great place to start.

KidRex is basically a kid friendly front-end for Google searchers that uses Google's SafeSearch technology to filter out child-inappropriate content. I hope that all the parents and teachers start using this search engine on top of all the firewalls. It's a great way to let the kids use the good side of the internet.

Free Mp3 Search Engine

I have found an incredible website which I use to sample new mp3s. It saves me alot of money because from this website I can first sample the song and decide if I like it or not before buying the actual thing in high quality. Beemp3 is a music search engine that has hige list of mp3 old and new files available on the Internet. It also displays information for each mp3 files like bit rate, duration, size, format, file size and frequency so the downloader can make the right choice.


Currently, beemp3 claims to have indexed more than 800,000 plus mp3 files and they add 10,000 mp3 files daily as they mentioned.

Some important points about the site:
  • beemp3 DOES NOT HOST any of the songs displayed on this site.
  • You download MP3 files from another host service.(Not from
  • They are just a SEARCH ENGINE.
So.. Enjoy! :)